Learning at forssa museum

Forssa Museum offers preplanned sessions for schoolchildren and students:

- Iita and the story of Yarn - puppet guide for preschools and 1-2 classes tells about children in the factory.

- tour at the Ronttismäki Workers' House museum tells how the life was 100-50 years ago. Available during May, August and September.

- Photo orienteering at the Spinning Mill Area

- Guided tours for all ages: City of Colorful Cloth & Pattern Centre

Materials to plan your visit can be found in Pedanet. Opi museossa -site gives further ideas about using museums in education (in Finnish).


A day at the spinning mill

The Spinning Mill is a good attraction even for bigger groups. The 19th century industrial architecture, beautiful parks, Forssa museum and Nature museum, Exhibition space Vinkkeli and the workshops of Forssa Art Cchool offer plenty of thing to do, even for the entire day.

Please contact us in good time so that we can tailor your day! Tel +358-33-4141 5101 or email: kristiina.huttunen@forssa.fi

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